Blackstone Sweetens Deal To Sell 8,400 Spanish Properties for $1.2B USD

Blackstone is trying to sell its 8,400 unit portfolio of Spanish residential and commercial properties for $1.2B USD. The deal is complicated by the fact that Spain is in a deeper recession than the 2008 financial crisis. Markets and investors don’t like uncertainty, so to deliver confidence to any would-be suitors, the global private equityContinue reading “Blackstone Sweetens Deal To Sell 8,400 Spanish Properties for $1.2B USD”

Cadre Cash: 3% Reward On Cash Deposits

Late last month, Cadre, a commercial real estate investment platform, announced Cadre Cash. Cadre Cash is a 3% reward on cash deposits up to the amount they have invested in Cadre real estate. This incentive program is designed to get investors to commit to making commercial real estate investments on Cadre’s platform — this isContinue reading “Cadre Cash: 3% Reward On Cash Deposits”