Sprout Mortgage Shuts Down

An unfortunate headline in the troubled mortgage industry this week, Sprout Mortgage abruptly shut down its operations on July 6th, laying off all 300 employees. The leading non-QM mortgage originator, was reportedly finalizing a lifeline from Citi when the CEO decided to pull the plug, call off the deal and close down the company. AccordingContinue reading “Sprout Mortgage Shuts Down”

Real Estate Private Lenders

Private lenders are a critical component of the real estate investing ecosystem. Without private lenders, fix and flip and rental property investors would have a hard time growing their businesses. What is a Private Lender? A private lender is a non bank lender who provides business purpose loans to real estate investors. Private lenders, alsoContinue reading “Real Estate Private Lenders”

Reddit Real Estate

What are the best subreddits for real estate? /r/RealEstateMarketplace /r/RealEstateTechnology /r/RealEstateInvesting /r/RealEstate /r/RealEstateMarketplace This real estate subreddit is new, with a stated mission is to be a place to post, discover and analyze real estate deals. This is unique among Reddit real estate communities because posting your own deals is not allowed on the otherContinue reading “Reddit Real Estate”

Zillow For Sale By Owner Listings Are Not Working

Last Updated: Monday January 25, 2021 We have heard from multiple sources that Zillow For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings are not currently working. Sellers are unable to create new listings and there is no longer phone support to inquire about listing delays. This is likely due to a major change Zillow has made inContinue reading “Zillow For Sale By Owner Listings Are Not Working”

Turnkey Rental Properties

This is a guest post from Daniel Sperling-Horowitz, CEO of OfferMarket What are Turnkey Rental Properties? Turnkey rental properties are single family and multifamily houses that are sold to rental property investors in “turnkey” condition either with tenants already in place or ready to rent. Turnkey means no rehab work needs to be done, youContinue reading “Turnkey Rental Properties”

Survey finds 40% of real estate investors sourced their last deal off-market

A recent survey of 50 real estate investors published by OfferMarket found that off-market transactions are more common that one might expect. 20 respondents, 40%, confirmed their most recent deal was sourced off-market than on the MLS. The real estate marketplace provided the following reasoning for the higher than expected percentage of off-market transactions: realContinue reading “Survey finds 40% of real estate investors sourced their last deal off-market”

Equity Residential Taking A Beating ($EQR)

Equity Residential (ticker: EQR) reports challenging Q3 operating conditions with declines in urban rental portfolio lease rates and occupancy. Shares drop 7%, now down 46% YTD. Distribution yield currently 5.2%. Perhaps most interestingly, here is their breakdown of occupancy rates: Asset Class October 22, 2020 June 30, 2020 Suburban 95.8% 96.4% Urban 94.4% 94.7% UrbanContinue reading “Equity Residential Taking A Beating ($EQR)”

Dion McNeeley: Achieving Financial Independence Through Real Estate

You can do this.  Flip your thinking. Saving money on coffee every day doesn’t add up as fast as eliminating your largest expense. Housing costs.  I was 40. A single dad with three kids. Inherited tons of debt (89k) in the divorce I didn’t even know existed.  I was tired of losing income to thingsContinue reading “Dion McNeeley: Achieving Financial Independence Through Real Estate”