Reddit Real Estate

What are the best subreddits for real estate?


This real estate subreddit is new, with a stated mission is to be a place to post, discover and analyze real estate deals. This is unique among Reddit real estate communities because posting your own deals is not allowed on the other major real estate subreddits.

If you’re looking for real estate deal flow, or you have listings (off-market, on-market) that you want to get in front of buyers we recommend joining this subreddit.


This real estate subreddit is great for anyone interested in discovering new and useful websites, apps and services to assist with all areas of real estate buying and selling. If you’re an entrepreneur building a “proptech” product, this would be a great community to find early adopters and ask for feedback.


This real estate subreddit is focused on sharing thoughts, experiences, advice and encouraging questions across all real estate asset classes. Unfortunately, no deals are allowed to be posted here.


This is the largest real estate subreddit with a focus on residential home buying and home selling experiences. As with the other subreddits, with the exception of /r/RealEstateMarketplace, you are not able to post or browse listings in this community.

Are we missing any notable Reddit real estate communities?

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