Dion McNeeley: Achieving Financial Independence Through Real Estate

You can do this. 

Flip your thinking. Saving money on coffee every day doesn’t add up as fast as eliminating your largest expense. Housing costs. 

I was 40. A single dad with three kids. Inherited tons of debt (89k) in the divorce I didn’t even know existed. 

I was tired of losing income to things outside of my control. After Desert Storm the Marines downsized. In 2008 I was laid off from a police department because of the recession. 

I found the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and BiggerPockets and it took 6 years to reach bad debt free. Then two years to reach fi. Now I’ll never have to work again in my life. I choose to work because I love my job. But I’ll never “have” to. 

I don’t live frugally. I eat out almost every day. Go to the movie theatre once a week. Drive a paid off nice truck, spend one month a year in Colombia or Thailand. 

I did this by house hacking. I started by moving into an apartment and renting out my house. To make sure I could handle being a landlord. Once I decided I could, I purchased a duplex. Moved into one side and rented out the other. This almost reduced my housing costs to zero. Increasing my savings rate (by actually letting me have one) Now I have three duplexes, a fourplex and the single family house is paid off. My rental profit is more than twice my living expenses. 

Now 100% of my W2 income and 50% of rental profit is saved for the next deal. 

Because money from work is no longer important I was able to found a non profit that does job placement assistance. If I never found FIRE I wouldn’t be able to help the people I do for free. 

I’ve been a Marine, a cop and a truck driver. These are fun jobs but they don’t pay 6 figures. 

If I can do this anyone can. It just takes knowledge and a plan. 

You got this.

Guest Post by Dion McNeeley

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