Top 5 Reasons To Guest Post On Real Estate Blogs

  1. Expand your reach. Guest blog posts give you instant distribution to a new audience of relevant readers. With a single guest post, you can reach thousands of readers that previously never knew about you, your perspective and your product or service.
  2. Build your site’s ranking. Your guest post links back to your website. This is call a “backlink”. The number of backlinks for a given page on your website is a powerful signal of content relevance and contributes to higher search engine ranking. This allows your target audience to find you organically. Backlinks are a foundational component of search engine optimization (“SEO”). The real estate industry is fiercely competitive when it comes to SEO. Building backlinks from high quality, relevant websites will help you compete.
  3. Improve your ability to tailor your content. Guest posting makes you step outside of your comfort zone. To be most effective, you need to understand your audience and tailor your content for their interests.
  4. Ideation. Tailoring your content is a powerful thought exercise that can lead to new, more effective ways to explain your perspective, product or service. It can lead to new ideas to create a more compelling offering.
  5. Experiment and iterate on your message. Building on points 3 and 4, tinkering with your message helps you collect feedback and data on what message works and what message doesn’t work. Having multiple outlets to test and learn is a best practice that can lead to breakthroughs in your effectiveness resonating with your target audience.

About Real Estate Blogs

Real Estate Blogs is an open platform for real estate experts to share their perspective on a wide range of real estate topics.

Some of the topics our readers are interested in:

  • residential real estate
  • commercial real estate
  • real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • publicly traded real estate companies
  • senior living real estate
  • data center real estate
  • self storage real estate
  • life sciences real estate
  • wholesale real estate
  • iBuying
  • real estate technology (fintech)
  • title insurance
  • estimating rehab costs
  • real estate law
  • property management
  • rental property investing
  • turnkey rental properties
  • landlording

Ready to guest post on Real Estate Blogs?

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