Cadre Cash: 3% Reward On Cash Deposits

Late last month, Cadre, a commercial real estate investment platform, announced Cadre Cash. Cadre Cash is a 3% reward on cash deposits up to the amount they have invested in Cadre real estate.

This incentive program is designed to get investors to commit to making commercial real estate investments on Cadre’s platform — this is the only way they can park their excess cash in a Cadre Cash account and earn 3% (FDIC insured up to $750,000).

With Ally Bank and Marcus by Goldman Sachs CD accounts yielding 0.60% and 0.85% respectively, Cadre Cash’s 3% annualized rate is certainly attractive.

It’s unclear how exactly how deposits will be utilized, and how much risk Cadre will need to take on in order to deliver 3% returns on cash deposits in today’s low interest rate environment. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

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