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Real Estate Private Lenders

Private lenders are a critical component of the real estate investing ecosystem. Without private lenders, fix and flip and rental property investors would have a hard time growing their businesses. What is a Private Lender? A private lender is a non bank lender who provides business purpose loans to real estate investors. Private lenders, alsoContinue reading “Real Estate Private Lenders”

Reddit Real Estate

What are the best subreddits for real estate? /r/RealEstateMarketplace /r/RealEstateTechnology /r/RealEstateInvesting /r/RealEstate /r/RealEstateMarketplace This real estate subreddit is new, with a stated mission is to be a place to post, discover and analyze real estate deals. This is unique among Reddit real estate communities because posting your own deals is not allowed on the otherContinue reading “Reddit Real Estate”

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